3 Worst Technology In MWC 2018, Anything?

3 Worst technology in MWC 2018 event, is something that is a very unfortunate course. Good for gadget lovers, especially for the producers themselves.

What is not the worst technology in the MWC 2018 event, is a hard slap for them. In addition to MWC is the world’s most prestigious gadget exhibition, more than that the efforts of the vendors must be very hard to satisfy its customers.

What is MWC?

MWC is an extension of Mobile World Congress. MWC itself is the largest mobile exhibition in the world

In addition, MWC is also a conference featuring leading executives such as smartphone manufacturers, technology providers, and others.

Generally, this MWC performance is held in February every year, although sometimes it is held in the first week in March.

In the event is usually attended by more than 100,000 people. Existing participants are usually also representatives from over 200 countries around the world.

This year’s MWC 2018 takes place in Barcelona, Spain from February 26, 2018, to March 01, 2018. Many of the latest features showcase their latest products, such as Asus, Nokia, Samsung, and others.

Although all vendors have tried to announce the flagship smartphone that has been equipped with their technology, it seems that not all can be received well by the gadget lovers of the world.

In fact, there is also a technology that is seen as the worst innovation in the event.

Not all the technology on display is well viewed by the gadget enthusiast world. There are even some technologies that are considered the worst innovations in MWC 2018.

What are the worst technologies in the MWC 2018 event? Let’s talk together below.

3 Worst Technology at MWC 2018

You must be curious, what are the technology of the rush? Well do not need a lot of preliminary let’s learn together, then discuss in the comments column, would be inappropriate whether the technology is labeled as the worst technology MWC 2018 event.

Reported from Liputan6.com (03/03/2018), this is 3 list of the worst technology in the MWC 2018 event is:

1. iPhone X clones

Iphone X CloneCloning is derived from the word Cloning. In the science of cloning, biology can be interpreted as human efforts in an attempt to produce copies of DNA files, cells or organisms.

Then in the iPhone X clones, we can conclude as an effort to vendors to imitate a design, technology, and others to resemble a smartphone.

iPhone X is a smartphone, which is famous for always giving the design revolution in the smartphone industry.

This has finally triggered its competitors in the field of Android began to imitate the design of the style of iPhone X, especially the design of the arch that is located at the top of the screen (notch).

Lots of Chinese manufacturer’s smartphone that has not been famous to clone on the design of this iPhone X smartphone.

In addition to the manufacturer that has not been famous, Asus one of the top manufacturers did it, with the reasons follow the trend and follow the market will.

In addition to Asus even heard the news, many other smartphone vendors who will imitate the notch design. After Asus Zenfone 5, there will be LG G7, Huawei P20, OnePlus 6, and Oppo R19.

2. Minus Headphone Jack

EarphonesIn this 2018 MWC event, Sony and Nokia have introduced two flagship those who do not have a headphone jack.

While almost all smartphone manufacturers are more likely to use earphones, or Bluetooth headphones on their devices, the Samsung S9 is still confident to keep it.

The elimination of headphone jack is unfortunate by many gadget users. In addition to its features are very easy, more fun to use in addition to wireless, more than that the price was relatively more affordable.

This will certainly get worse in the future. The mobile industry will no longer install headphone jack in their flagship in the future, and this feature is only for smartphones that are cheap in price.

However, actually when the smartphone without a headphone jack also has many advantages, such as smartphone design can be thinner, can play audio with high resolution and more.

3. LG V30S ThinQ

LG V30S ThinQLG V30S has been equipped with artificial intelligence which is labeled ThinQ. ThinQ is originally an AI technology that LG approved through its home appliance products.

Nevertheless, there is no significant change in the launch this time, this is because ThinQ only updates the software.

Many gadget users who judge LG is running out of ideas, the article technology pinned in the LG V3 oS is no longer a new technology.

That’s 3 Worst Technology in MWC 2018, hopefully, the vendors and manufacturers of gadget manufacturers to improve the quality in the coming year.